Jasco RB6120 replacement battery.

  • Jasco RB6120 replacement battery.

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  • This Jasco RB6120 battery is a 6V 14Ah with AGM technology with Negative T1 (0.187) and Positive T2 terminals (0.250 inch).
  • Jasco RB6120 battery supplied by Sigma Batteries is from Sigma Power Systems with Model No SG06140T1T2.
  • Jasco RB6120 battery have one year warranty when used under normal conditions.
  • Battery for Jasco RB6120 battery set is factory fresh and new.
  • Spent Jasco RB6120 battery have to be disposed properly as per local and federal regulations.
  • For technical details of Jasco RB6120 battery check the information below.
  • For safe handling of SLA batteries click the Safety instructions below.
  • Life of SLA batteries can be improved by following the tips given under General Tips for longer life.
  • If you need assistance with Jasco RB6120 battery feel free to call us.
Nominal Voltage: 6 V Capacity (20 hr rate): 14Ah
Chemistry: Lead Acid Technology: SLA
Color: Black Terminals: T1T2
Charge Voltage (Cycle use) 7.0-7.2 V Length: 4.25 inches
Charge Voltage (Standby use) 6.5-6.7 V Width: 2.80 inches
Maximum Charge Current 5.3 A Height: 5.55 inches
Warranty 1 year Weight:  4.8 lbs
Case Qty 8 Safety Listing: UL


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Type Emergency Light
Vendor Simga Batteries