1. First step is to install voltage matched batteries from the same date code.  This becomes essential when you use more than one battery in your application.  Using batteries from different date code and voltage difference can significantly affect the life of the battery set.
  2. Life of SLA batteries goes down with temperature. So whenever possible keep the batteries cooler. For example leaving your wheelchair/scooter in a hotter garage can reduce the life of the batteries compared to leaving it in a cool indoor. 
  3. Do not drop them. Lead acid batteries are heavy and Fragile (battery cases are made up on plastic). Cracked battery case or cases can result in electrolyte dryness and reduce the life. 
  4. Maintain proper charge voltage. Charging them under or over voltage will reduce the life of the batteries. 
  5. When you are not going to use it for a long time change it fully before you leave them unused. 
  6. Charge them within six months. Lead acid batteries do loose charge with time. It is recommended that they be charged at least once in six months at 77 F. 
  7. If the temperature is high then the time to recharge is shorter than 6 months depending on the temperature. 
  8. Use proper charger designed for the batteries. 


Sigma Batteries always sends voltage matched batteries when the customer buys more than one battery of the same model.